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Stone Garden Planters and Statuary

Stone Garden Planters and Statuary

This article offers suggestions for proper placement and use of stone garden planters and statuary. Stone is long-lasting and stands up to all kinds of weather. Contained plants, unlike traditional landscaping can move from one home to the next. Stone statuary enhances garden space.

Does your garden make a statement? Like interior décor, the exterior of your home represents an extension of your personality. With selective grouping of stone planters, troughs and urns, you can showcase your plants on the patio or deck, front entrance or in your garden space.

Stone garden planters are no longer trendy; they are up-and-coming classics. Stone is eco-friendly and durable. Whether your energy resonates with old-worldly-ball-feet or utilitarian, minimalistic lines, stone planters will accentuate your premises with natural beauty.

A good starting point is to decide on a theme that will set the mood of your garden décor. For example, would you be more passionate about a formal, English cottage garden, a healing garden or romantic moonlight garden, etc. Do you want a monochrome style or do you prefer rainbow pops of colour?

Types of Stone Garden Planters

Elegant ball-feet planters are available in earth colours that complement your garden. These are perfect for plants with deep root systems. It’s easy to put pizzazz on your front porch with a contained flower garden, using various sizes of ball-footed stone planters.

Tub planters are reminiscent of Old English water gardens. If your ideal garden is an oasis of serenity and relaxation, check out handmade, glass fiber reinforced concrete tubs. They last practically until forever.

Think subdued colours for flowers, with romantic nuances, such as hollyhocks, cornflowers and sweet peas. If you want to watch our winged friends, a stone birdbath is the perfect attraction.

The majestic pedestal and bowl is a captivating feature of your garden for every eye to behold. Put it in a prominent spot to welcome visitors to your private garden. Creepers or vines showcase this type stone planter or opt for English roses or jasmine.

If you’re into herbs, a stone bench planter provides a stunning display. Also, the bench planter makes a striking showcase for mini-vegetables.

The stately urn adds dimension to your garden décor. Place a couple of stone urns at the most distant point, from the entrance of your back yard. This will invite guests to meander through your outdoor space.

You’ll find an array of urns with intricate designs that add a touch of class to your front entrance.

Be mindful, the larger the planter, the heavier it gets. You can feel comfortable placing the big ones along the driveway. Lookie-loos can’t grab -and-go!

Should you decide to sell your home, large planters piled with colourful flowers, contribute to curb appeal. Best of all, your container landscaping moves right along with you!

Stone Head Planters

Like’em or lump’em, there is no denying that planters shaped like heads are finding homes with quirky gardeners across the nation. Stone heads have a hole in the top of their head and include a 6″ metal planter.

The Medusa stone head planter is guaranteed to scare small children, but she is also the most popular. Like in Greek mythology, the stone head replica boasts snakes instead of hair.

Even more frightening, stone heads come in vivid shades of blue, green, red and more.

Stone Statuary

Stone statuary has bespoken of grandeur since the ancient Egyptians strewed statues of their gods in temple gardens. Nowadays, less is more when decorating the garden with stone statues. A small number of striking pieces, placed with care will enhance your outdoor space, where numerous sculptures make for a messy, cluttered area.

From the traditional sitting Buddha or Venus de Milo to whimsical Disney characters or mythical little people and fairies, there are umpteen choices. Stone lions perched on columns have stood guard over homes for decades.

Be mindful, stone statuary isn’t cheap. Take your time before investing in lawn sculpture, because once you do, your garden is “set in stone”.