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Save money and Replace your Garden Parasol Canopy

Save money and Replace your Garden Parasol Canopy

As many of you know, storing away your Garden Furniture can prolong it’s life and having to go out and buy a new one is an expense we could all do without (unless money is no object of course) one of the very common things to get worn, weathered and damaged is the fabric canopy on your Garden Parasol, even if you pack it away every night and store in a dry place during the winter months there are many things that can still have an effect on the lifespan of the canopy, UV Rays, Bird Mess, Rain or even mice have been known move in when being stored, we have encountered many people with this problem.

Well there is an answer! There are now many options available to save having to buy a complete new Parasol. Your Garden Parasol may have cost you a fair amount when first purchased, some Parasols can cost hundreds of pounds especially if you have gone for a particular type such as Teak, Stainless Steel or even a Cantilever Parasol.

Replacement Parasol Canopies

If your Garden Parasol is perfectly sound then there is a good chance you will find a canopy to fit, the majority of factories make parasols in common sizes, we normally measure by total diameter, 2m, 2.5m, 2.7m, 3m and 3.5m so if your not totally sure you can check this by measuring the total distance from one side to the other when your parasol is fully open

Where to Buy Replacement Covers?

There are a few good retailers that offer different sizes and colours, please be sure to check the measurements before purchase. Links Below (opens a new window)

Please feel free to comment on problems and solutions you have come across, we will display them here for other readers. Thanks for reading!